South Bay 

Some of our recent projects include the following:

Smith Residence (Kitchen Remodel)

     This was a small kitchen, not much room to work in at first, until we decided to remove the wall seperating the living room with the kitchen. Losing upper cabinet space but gaining actual more space below with an 8' countertop and plenty of base cabinet space to make up for it while letting in natural light and giving the room a more open feel.

           Before                              After                               Before                            After

The Gupta Home (Bath Remodel)

    A dual bath remodel both needing major re-arranging design. Using full 12 x 12 travertine for the walls and floors for both baths, a unique style was chosen by the homeowner which complimented these two baths quite well. New fan/light combo's were installed in the ceilings and Recess lighting over the shower, sinks and jacuzzi tub to accent and provide enough light for these two remarkable baths.

          Before                                    After                                Before                           After

Davidson Home (Flooring)
Faded hardwood flooring and cracked entry-way tile gave way to this new beautiful 6x6 feature . The decision to border the entry and place in diamond pattern was a last minute decision, one that is admired  every step of the way.

                 Before                                       After                                          Before                                        After

Cannon Construction also specializes in porch work or outdoor patio slate and tile surfaces. Any concrete area can be made to beautify the front of your home in any way you choose.
           Before                            After                                   Before                                       After

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